Research and development – a collaborative effort

We are always looking for new applications for our products. We do this by working closely with customers, some of whom have been partners for many years, and exploiting our technical and research capabilities. By continuously improving our products, we have achieved a previously unattainable quality standard: products made from our recyclate only differ in minor points from new plastics. New applications for our products are emerging all the time, not only through collaborations with existing customers but also in completely new markets.

We put every batch of every product through its paces in our own laboratory before it is shipped to the customer. We also store samples of every order to guarantee seamless traceability. We work with our customers to continuously develop new applications for recyclates. This not only cements relationships with our customers but also regularly results in improvements and new applications. Ecoplast customers rightly expect very reliable, consistent quality in secondary raw materials. We work hard to meet this standard – day in, day out.